Review Report Card diagnoses your reviews

Review Report Card® helps you keep track of your reviews on 70+ websites in a single glance. We do over 1,000 unique searches for you online and alert you every day new reviews are discovered. In addition to monitoring your reviews, you will be notified if your address is correct on each of the 70+ sites.

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This Harvard Study found that a single review on Yelp can affect your yearly income by nearly 10%. We find that disconcerting because any random person (competitor, former employee, angry patient) can login to one of these sites and write a bad review.



Your ratings can change daily as people write new reviews about you. Review Notifications are an early warning system. They scan the internet every day and notify you when reviews appear for your name. That way, you can fight the bad reviews before they cause significant damage.



Patients don’t only Google your name. They Google your name + office address, name + zip, name + phone, etc. There are about 25 different ways they can search for you. Each time, Google can return as many as 70 different review sites.

What kind of reviews do you have on these sites?



The last thing you want is for a patient to Google your address and show up to the wrong location. Whether it’s caused by a data error or a malicious person, Review Report Card monitors these directories and indicates if your contact information is correct. You can take action to ensure patients are given the right address and phone number.



Quite often, bad reviews are not true. They may be written by a spiteful employee or by a web visitor who accidentally clicked the wrong button. Each review website has a different process for disputing bad reviews.

We equip you with information to file a dispute on each site.



Patient Review Templates will help you boost your positive reviews. We recommend that you customize the templates and send them to patients between 24 to 48 hours after their appointment. The templates contain directions and hyperlinks they can follow to endorse you on each site.


Highlighted Reviews

Highlighted Reviews showcase your best reviews from across the web on your website. You have full editorial control of which reviews are displayed, and you can write responses to each review. This add-on is priced separately. Ask your concierge how to get started.

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